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Ceramic Elevated Cat Bowls

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  • Yeabett Ceramic Elevated Cat Bowls

    Yeabett Yeabett Ceramic Elevated Cat Bowls

    【ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR BETTER HEALTH】The ergonomic design of our elevated cat bowl can improve your cat’s health by providing more comfortable eating position. According to veterinary science, raised and tilted bowls can help prevent cervical and digestive disease【FOOD-GRADE CERAMIC BOWLS】The stand comes with two food grade ceramic bowls (5.5 inches in diameter), which are microwave and dishwasher safe. The ceramic bowl fits perfectly into the hole of the bamboo board, preventing your cat from moving or tipping the bowl over. But the bowl can be easily removed by hand for daily cleaning.【EASY TO ASSEMBLE】First, connect the bamboo board with metal legs by screwing. Second, stick the small anti-slip mats onto the bottom of legs (one for each corner). Then put the bowls into the holes of the board


Ceramic Elevated Cat Bowls

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