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  • Yeabett 18 Inch Professional Microfiber Mop , Blue/Grey

    Yeabett Yeabett 18 Inch Professional Microfiber Mop , Blue/Grey

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    【Aluminum Mop Head】With 18 Inch base mop head can cover a lot of areas in a single scan, clean in high efficiency with less effort. Aluminum head is lighter to use and more durable than plastic mop head. Mopping can also be easier and faster. 【Microfiber Pads-Dry Use】 Ultra fine open weave microscopic fbers with the natural clinging power, designed for hair dust & fur attraction. The microfiber mop pad acts like a magnet to absorb and pick up debris easily, locks them in the fabric fibers until the fabric is washed. 【Scrub Pads-Wet Use】 Blend weave structure for extreme water retention and superior dirt removal properties. Uses the magic of thousands of microfibers to removes the smallest dirt and dust particles without leaving streaks or scratches on the floor. 【Ergonomic Design】Don't strain your back anymore, the microfiber mop has an adjustable handle length for people of different heights. The 360-degree rotatable mop head cleans corners better and helps for mopping underneath furniture. 【Professional Mop】Stop straining your back, the handle length of the microfiber mop is adjustable and can be extended by 48-59 inches, suitable for people of different heights. Lightweight design for dusting on walls and mopping under sofa.


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