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Pool Net

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  • Goovilla Pool Net, Pool Skimmer Net with Double-Layer Deep Bag, Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer Rake Net with Fine Mesh, Large Pool Cleaning Net for Pond Spa Pool, Green (No Pole).

    Goovilla Yeabett Pool Net, Green (No Pole)

    【Lightweight but Sturdy Aluminum Frame】The pool net skimmer frame is made of a thick layer of aluminium on the inside and a thick plastic wrapped around the outside. This allows for better load-bearing capacity, better toughness and more durable than an all-plastic outer frame. The aluminum material has the hardness of metal but is also very light. The pool rake of only 480g allows you to skim easily during use. Smooth plastic edges will not scratch the pool liner. 【Large Capacity of 17*17"】Our swimming pool net has a 17.13*10.23” opening with 16.8" in depth, which is a larger capacity than others. The wide opening makes it easy to collect larger floating stuff and to skim more impurities at once. The deep mesh pocket help accumulating more impurities without frequent dumping, saving even more effort. 【Thickened 2-layer Fine Mesh】Our deep pool net is made of heavy-duty nylon mesh fabric, which can take 11lbs of debris. The fine mesh weave is “just right” for skimming & scooping smoothly tiny impurities, leaves, insects or other things above or below the water without high resistance for more efficient filtration. An additional layer of mesh in front of the netting protects the net bag from being hooked badly and damaged during use. 【Humanized Design】Firstly, the weighted tab underneath the netting helps to dump rubbish without getting your hands dirty. Secondly, angled front lip helps scooping out debris efficiently. Thirdly, detachable handle for easy storage. Fourth, friendly EZ-Clip is easy to install and prevents finger pinching. Last one, straight edges to help scrape the pool walls. 【For 1-1/4"” Dia. Pole】Our swimming pool skimmer fits with 1-1/4" diameter standard telescopic swimming pool pole (pole is not included) to extend your reach area. Easy installation and removal of the pool leaf net without complicated tools or screws. Use this fine mesh pool skimmer net to cleaning hot tub, spa pool, fountain, pond and pools for kids and adults for getting a tidy pool.


Pool Net

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