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HowTo Use The Discount


Why didn’t I buy the product at the lowest price after using the discount?

Note that all prices and discounts shown in the following tutorials are for demonstration purposes only. It is not a real sales discount. Tutorials are for reference only.

The following tutorial pictures are for the desktop and mobile versions respectively.

1.There will be a pop-up window after entering the store. Fill in your email address to get 15% off.

2.When this page appears, you have successfully obtained the 15% discount.

Get your discount and start your shopping trip!

Don’t worry about forgetting to copy the discount code. When you are on the product page, the discount code will be displayed above the product for you to copy anytime and anywhere.

3.Don't forget to use the code when you enter the checkout page after selecting the product you want to purchase.

Copy and paste your code into the red box and click "Apply".

If you are using the mobile, scroll to the bottom of the page and the code input position will appear.

4.The code will appear in the small tag, which means you successfully used the code.

5.If you have obtained additional codes or gift cards through our activities.

Just fill in the code again in the red selected position and click "Apply".

6.When the code is displayed in the small label below, it means that you have successfully used the code. Then you only need to make payment to get the product at a preferential price!

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